AKC Reunite and the Central Ohio Kennel Club purchased an AKC Pet Disaster Relief Trailer to be used for the support and protection of displaced pets and service animals in the event of a natural or manmade emergency or disaster. The trailer is stocked with essential supplies to house at least 65 pets immediately after a disaster is declared. It is wired for electricity to run off a generator and is well-lit for the safety of the staff.

“We really appreciate this donation for use by both the Dog Shelter and the Emergency Management Agency. Our first concern in any situation is for the safety and comfort of the pets or animals involved. With this trailer, we can assure those conditions are met and then be able to focus on solving the problem. We are extremely grateful for the donation,” shared Dog Warden John King.

“This trailer and its associated capabilities represent a huge step forward within the realm of emergency and disaster preparedness.”

Sean Miller ~ Director of Delaware County Emergency Management Agency

The trailers house and deliver essential supplies such as fans, lighting and generators; cleaning supplies; maintenance items; and animal care items including crates and carries, AKC Reunite microchips and an AKC Reunite universal microchip scanner as well as bowls, collars and leashes. These supplies can be used as co-location shelters, where people can evacuate with their pets, as well as emergency animal shelters for displaced animals.

The Central Ohio Kennel Club donated $19,500 to make this trailer a reality for Delaware County and our Animal Response teams. The Delaware County Commissioners accepted the trailer in October with the condition that the county would store, supply and clean it on a regular basis. The trailer was then ordered, outfitted, and delivered several weeks ago. The trailer will be stored at the Delaware County Dog Shelter under the supervision of Dog Warden John King.

“This trailer and its associated capabilities represent a huge step forward within the realm of emergency and disaster preparedness. This greatly increases Delaware County’s ability to deal with pets, which may be displaced as the result of a disaster,” Sean Miller, Director, Delaware County Emergency Management Agency.

The President of the Central Ohio Kennel Club Cindy Wegner shared with the Commissioners, “We love our pets and our members jumped at the chance to use the proceeds of our local dog shows and competitions to help bring this important new resource to Delaware County’s Animal Response Team. This is the first such trailer in use in Ohio, but we hope to have several more soon.”

Individuals, corporations and other interested parties can donate to trailer projects in local areas or across the country. Donations are tax deductible and accepted online. Approved organizations that raise a minimum of $1,000 will have their logo featured on the AKC Pet Disaster Relief trailer.

Learn more about how to get involved online with AKC Pet Disaster Relief or contact us at 919-816-3980 and relief@akcreunite.org.