AKC Reunite Pitches in to Help
Hurricane Michael Evacuees and Their Pets

Our hearts and prayers go out to the many people and pets in the Florida panhandle and surrounding areas that were in the path of Hurricane Michael and its aftermath. The magnitude of the devastation from this storm is unimaginable and AKC Reunite®, the nation’s largest non-profit pet identification and recovery service is here to contribute to relief efforts. In support of the many affected by the storm, AKC Reunite has donated $10,000 to the Florida Veterinary Medical Association to aid in animal care relief efforts. These donated funds are to provide emergency veterinary medical care, rescue and sheltering from the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.

The AKC Pet Disaster Relief trailer that was recently donated to the Tri-State County Animal Response Team (CART) in Batavia, OH has been deployed to Calhoun County, FL to assist with animal sheltering efforts. Many people affected by Hurricane Michael are facing a long road to recovery, and the trailer will help provide safety and sanctuary for people and their pets while they work to rebuild.

The trailer houses supplies that help to create a safe, temporary home-base for pets in the wake of a disaster. The essential, non-perishable AKC Pet Disaster Relief supplies are crucial to help people in the affected areas shelter safely with their pets by their sides. AKC Reunite has donated $2,000 to assist with the expenses involved in the deployment of this life-saving trailer.

Additionally, AKC Reunite donated to deserving animal sheltering organizations that are helping care for pets displaced from the storm. Donation recipients include: Partners For Pets Marianna, FL, St. Joseph Bay Humane Society, and Panhandle Animal Welfare Society. These donations will help with the supplies required to assist people and their pets during the healing and rebuilding in the Florida Panhandle.

“Pets are part of the family and we understand how important it is to ensure their safety and keep families together when displaced in these tragic natural disasters,” said Tom Sharp, President and CEO of AKC Reunite. “We are committed to providing as much assistance as possible to those affected by this storm.”

Learn more about how to get involved in AKC Pet Disaster Relief here.

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