Ben the Beagle

A frequent flyer in the Miami area, Benjamin II (Ben), is constantly running away in search of his next adventure! Thankfully, this time, Ben’s escape was re-routed back home.

“Ben managed to get out through the front gate,” said Jennifer, Ben’s owner. “He has learned that sometimes the gate does not close properly,” and Ben, seeing the open opportunity always takes it.

After hours of searching, Jennifer and her son retreated, hoping he would return on his own accord like he’s done in the past. Only this time, Ben was saved by his enrolled microchip.

“At 12:29 a.m., I received a call from AKC Reunite, informing me that Benjamin was found by animal services,” said Jennifer. “The [AKC Reunite] agent provided the contact number and although animal services facility was closed, I had a bit of peace of mind because we knew then that Ben was okay. I picked him up that same morning and brought him back home safe and sound. I am amazed on how quickly AKC Reunite was able to reach out to me! Thank you very much AKC Reunite!”


Mia the Yorkshire Terrier

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Loveable Lola

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Lola is a resilient Pit Bull who after being missing for four months, was reunited with her loving family, thanks to her enrolled microchip.

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