During the holidays, there is a lot more visiting, and guests are likely to include friends’ and families’’ dogs. We have tips to help things go more smoothly for the canine and human family members when new dogs arrive at your home. Keep in mind that when dogs meet other dogs...

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Zena the Pug

Reunited in Wisconsin "We got our beloved Pug Zena back! Thank you for your help in this matter. I was working, had no access to technology & [you contacted] my mom and my daughter. Thank you again & I REALLY appreciate your service, it's WONDERFUL!" – Tammy H, Neenah, WI 

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Introducing Cats and Dogs

Introducing Cats and Dogs By Dr. Bethany Richards, The Catnip Times Adding to your fur family is an exciting time, however, it can also be nerve-wracking predicting how your current pets will react to a new arrival. The key to introducing a new pet to your current fur babies is to take it slow. Many rescues will test dogs to ensure that they are friendly towards cats; and test cats to see if they [...]

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Guest Manners

Are you making big plans for holiday meals and family get-togethers? Deciding on the menu, shopping for gifts, and getting the house in tip-top shape for company are big jobs. But if you want your dog to be a welcome part of the festivities, don’t forget to add training...

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AKC Reunite Pitches in to Help Hurricane Michael Evacuees and Their Pets

AKC Reunite Pitches in to HelpHurricane Michael Evacuees and Their Pets Our hearts and prayers go out to the many people and pets in the Florida panhandle and surrounding areas that were in the path of Hurricane Michael and its aftermath. The magnitude of the devastation from this storm is unimaginable and AKC Reunite®, the nation’s largest non-profit pet identification and recovery service is here to contribute to relief efforts. In support of the many [...]

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Mistakes to Avoid Moving with Cats

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Moving with CatsBy Angela Pearse, The Catnip TimesRelocating to a new home, even within the same city, can be more difficult if you’re moving with cats. Even if your feline friend is usually docile, he may become extremely stressed if uprooted from his cozy home environment and his familiar territory. We’ve put together some of the most common moving pet mistakes, so you’ll know what to avoid when it comes [...]

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Malala the Calico Cat

Reunited in Alabama When Anilee B. from  Decatur, Alabama realized her calico cat Malala was missing, she immediately called AKC Reunite to report her as lost. “She always sits on the counter and watches me do my makeup… When she wasn’t in there, something didn’t feel right and we started looking around the house for her but couldn’t find her. This is when I called AKC to report her as missing.” [...]

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Stop the Escape Artist

Does your dog look for any opportunity to sneak a dash into the big exciting world? It may be exciting for him, but dangerous – and terrifying for you. If this sounds like your dog, you need to take extra precautions to keep him safe. Recall is a must for your dog’s ultimate safety...

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AKC Pet Disaster Relief Trailer Program Celebrates 5 Years

AKC Reunite, the largest pet non-profit pet identification and recovery service provider in the United States, is excited to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of the AKC Pet Disaster Relief Trailer Program. AKC Pet Disaster Relief helps local Emergency Management teams provide temporary sheltering and care for pets displaced by a disaster. Once donated, the AKC Pet Disaster Relief trailer and the equipment inside become the property of the municipality to deploy whenever a [...]

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