How Cats Help Improve Mental Health

How Cats Help Improve Mental HealthBy Chelsy Ranard, The Catnip TimesFor cat people it’s no question: the whiskers, the fuzzy faces, the meows, and the head nudges let us know our cats are definitely beneficial to our mental health. The rest of the world, however, has some catching up to do. Those who don’t have cats are missing out on the cats’ appeal. The reality is that behind all of the warm cuddles and purring [...]

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Dangers of Essential Oils for Pets

Essential Oils and Your Pet are Like Oil and Water – They Don’t Mix What are essential oils? Essential oils are volatile, organic constituents of plants that contribute to fragrance and taste.  They are extracted from plants via distillation or cold pressing. Essential oils are utilized in a variety of ways in varying concentrations: as insecticides, in aromatherapies, personal care products (e.g., antibacterials), flavorings, herbal remedies and liquid potpourri. Though helpful for your own [...]

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Vacation Travel with Pets

Are you planning a vacation or trip that includes your best friend? It can be a wonderful thing to have your dog along, but there are things to consider for his safety and well-being, and possibly your sanity.

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Crate Training

We’ll Say It Again: Don’t Put Away that Crate! Brought to you by the AKC GoodDog! Helpline – the AKC’s 7-day-a-week training support service By Hilarie Erb, AKC GoodDog! Helpline Trainer By now, most dog owners know that crate training is a key to helping puppies succeed at house training. But don’t put away the crate once the puppy has mastered it! It is a valuable management tool for your dog’s entire life. Chances [...]

AKC Pet Disaster Relief Rolls Out Help for Pets in Batavia, OH

Batavia, OH is now equipped with an AKC Pet Disaster Relief trailer that will be available to dispatch to any disaster scene that needs assistance sheltering pets. Flooding is the most frequently occurring natural disaster in Ohio. Also, a portion of the state is in the tornado alley. In 2017, there were 39 confirmed tornados in Ohio. AKC Pet Disaster Relief, a national program that is dedicated to keeping pets and their owners safe [...]

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Missing Maggie

Reunited in MichiganMini Golden Doodle, Maggie, vanished from her family’s backyard in 2016 without a trace. When Jillian G. from Freeland, Michigan realized Maggie was missing, she and her family immediately began the search for their beloved Christmas puppy. “We looked for months with no leads, and no luck,” said Jillian.  “With our Michigan winters, we thought she was gone for good.”19 months after going missing, Maggie was found by Good Samaritans [...]

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