There are a million things you can buy to pamper your new puppy with, but more valuable than any fancy collar, plush toy, or monogrammed dog sofa, is appropriate socialization - and lots of it. If you got your puppy from a responsible breeder, the social...

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Jake’s Story

Reunited in Tennessee "Good afternoon to everyone at AKC Reunite. I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere thanks to everyone on your team. I applied to Reunite about 2 years ago, and in that time one of my best friends and teammate Jake has been reunited with me on 5 separate occasions. Jake is a 4-year-old service dog who works in the HABIT service program at The University Of Tennessee Knoxville. Part [...]

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The Dangers of Xylitol

Xylitol provides many human health benefits, making it a common active or inactive ingredient in your medicine cabinet, pantry, and purse. Take special care and keep these potentially toxic products away from your pets!

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Keep the Peace

Before you can stop excessive barking, you’ve got to figure out why it is happening. Unusual activity can be stressful for a dog. While you may be annoyed by her barking, she is telling you that she’s not sure about everything that’s going on.

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Quigley’s Great Escape

Reunited in Oklahoma "Our two-year-old boy, Quigley, got out of our yard when the gate was left open after the lawn was mowed. We didn’t discover it for about an hour after the Great Escape! We went into total panic mode! Our search involved three groups starting close and fanning out – but no luck. All I could think of was him getting hit by a car or that I would never see him again. [...]

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National Wildlife Week

It's National Wildlife Week! Learn and share a few fun and WILD microchipping facts! It's National Wildlife Week and we're WILD about microchipping! Did you know even the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service microchips animals for research and tracking?   To share the wildlife graphics: Right click and save the graphic to your desktop. Then upload the graphic, along with the post associated with it, on your favorite social media network. BE SURE TO INCLUDE #AKCREUNITE WITH [...]

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