Brody the Risk-Taking Retriever

Brody found a partner in crime when his owners rescued a new pup!

One day, Brody decided to pull a board out of his 8-ft wooden fence in the backyard to go explore with his new bestie. Within 30 minutes, when his owner Kathleen realized they were missing, she contacted AKC Reunite and since Brody was enrolled with AKC Reunite’s Lost Pet Alert, an email blast was sent throughout the community alerting them of Brody’s absence. Thankfully, no one had to look very far because within 5 hours, both pups had returned home.

Kathleen knew just what to do when her dogs went missing, but when your pet disappears and you’re distraught, will you know what steps to take?

Check out our helpful tips on how to be prepared before your pet unexpectedly goes missing.

• Add AKC Reunite’s hotline, 800-252-7894, along with your pet’s id number under your “Contacts” in your mobile phone.
• Purchase an AKC Reunite collar tag with your pet’s microchip number on it.
• Keep your contact information up-to-date with AKC Reunite.
• Sign your pet up with our Lost Pet Alert service.
• Add alternate, emergency contacts to your pet’s enrollment.
• Keep a current picture of you and your pet together.

And should your pet go missing, be sure to contact AKC Reunite’s 24/7 recovery hotline at 800-252-7894 as soon as possible so we can confirm your contact information is up-to-date. You can also activate a Lost Pet Alert, and we will send your pet’s information to shelters, veterinarians, and pet lovers in your immediate area, and provide you with lost pet posters for your own search! You can also see additional tips to find your lost pet here.

Even though Kathleen’s dogs wandered home, she said that “having the safety net of AKC Reunite [and our 24/7 pet recovery specialists] makes all the difference.”


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