Mr. Buster Rhymes

Buster, the one-year-old Russian Blue, loves to waltz right out the front door. Thankfully, his AKC Reunite enrolled microchip and collar tag, backed by our 24/7 recovery specialists, provided comfort for his owners.

“There’s a dark corner right by the front door that Buster likes to hide in,” said Amanda, Buster’s owner. “[He sits] and waits for the door to open long enough to slip out.”

Buster, being so stealthy, wasn’t even discovered as missing until the next day! His owners walked around the house, called out his name, and shook treat bags hoping he would appear, but he was nowhere to be found. After 3 days, and still no Buster, Amanda reported him missing to AKC Reunite.

“I took some comfort in the fact that he was chipped and wearing his collar which had his microchip number as well as AKC Reunite’s contact information,” said Amanda. “[I was just] praying that someone would see him and bring him home.”

Thankfully, after leaving his litter box outside, along with some food, Buster returned on his own accord and was successfully corralled inside!

If your pet escapes, what comfort will you have in their safe return? Add an extra layer of protection for your pet and enroll them today with AKC Reunite.


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