Cali the Calico Cat

It’s no surprise that cats like to wander, but when an indoor cat, who is also blind somehow wanders away from home, the reunion is so much sweeter.

Three years ago, Cali suffered from a tragic accident that left her blind in both eyes. But fear not, her lack of sight didn’t keep her down, instead it only motivated her to explore more! “We adjusted to having a blind cat,” said her owner Ron. “But we are still amazed at how well she gets around, and senses things. You would never know she is blind.”

Ron’s family is particularly careful of keeping Cali and their other cat, Bella, indoors, but with the holiday season and a ton of visitors coming and going, it was hard to keep track of the cats. “Bella and Cali often hide in various quiet and camouflaged places when there is a crowd,” said Ron, so it wasn’t surprising that the cats were out of sight. But the next morning when Ron got a phone call, voicemail, and email message that his Calico cat was found the night before, something seemed fishy.

“We were stunned, and honestly thought it was a hoax, or scam,” said Ron. “But after searching the house and every known hangout, we realized she must have gotten out without us realizing.”

A kind stranger found Cali wandering in the street and took her to a local pet alliance the next morning. With a quick scan they confirmed her microchip number, her name, and where her owners lived.

“We have all of our pets microchipped but never dreamed anything like this could have happened. We are so grateful to the kind, compassionate angel who found her, and the AKC Reunite program that reunited us with our baby.”


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