Samson and Cleo’s Journey

Reunited in California "My husband, Kurt and I adopted Samson and Cleo from an animal shelter in San Antonio, Texas. They were the last two left from their litter. We went to adopt one dog, but when we saw them together we fell in love and took them both home. They truly were our babies. Then, we decided to move to California. Originally, our plan was to take them with us to California. However, we [...]

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Welcome to AKC Reunite, The Way Home for Lost Pets

AKC Reunite, the nation's largest non-profit lost pet recovery service, formerly known as AKC Companion Animal Recovery, revealed its new name, logo and website on September 10th 2013. Pet owners will instantly connect with the new name - AKC Reunite - and recognize AKC Reunite as the trusted service that can help keep them with their pets when the unthinkable happens. “More and more of our customers already know the importance of pet recovery from [...]

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The Return of Jack

Reunited "My daughter’s pet cat, Jack, slipped out on us in and I reported him as a lost pet with AKC Reunite. We searched for days for him. A neighbor caught a cat which she thought might be ours over a year after Jack was missing. I really wasn’t sure he was our Jack. He looked like him, but it had been over a year since I last saw him and petted him. I called [...]

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