Bella Returns

Reunited in Arizona "Bella ran away about 4 months ago and didn't have a collar on. Thankfully, someone had been taking care of her and then they ended up taking her to the shelter.  At the shelter, they scanned her microchip and because of that, she was not put to sleep! Thank you so much for your service!" -Torin N., Tucson, AZ

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Rufus is Saved by a Microchip

Reunited in New York "My dog Rufus was saved today because he had a microchip! My husband and I went away on vacation and entrusted our beloved 15 year old dog Rufus to the care of an 18 year old boy in the home of a trusted employee. While away, we received a call saying that Rufus had been found abandoned and tied to a tree in a public park. Horrified to hear this we [...]

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Horray for Issy

Reunited in Pennsylvania "This is Issy. She is a beautiful, sweet combination of many breeds. 11 years old. Her "Mom" is 76. They live in the ST. Barnabas retirement community, Valencia, PA. The carriage houses are close together. The immediate neighbors welcomed her and let her into their homes and gave her treats. Issy decided to take herself for a walk. I am sure that if she expanded her horizons more people would invite her [...]

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Adventures of Jake

Reunited in Florida Look at this bundle of love! That is just what an Agility competition participant thought when they found this big guy loose in the parking lot at the AKC Eukanuba National Championship in Orlando last week. Luckily the AKC Reunite team was at the show to scan him and find his microchip. We looked up his microchip ID on - and lo and behold, he was protected by AKC Reunite! We [...]

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A Happy Pet Reunion for Apple

Reunited Pets are part of the family and if you have ever experienced the fear of possibly losing your pet, you know how scary that time can be. That is why it is so important to have your pet microchipped and registered in a pet recovery service. Sandi experienced this first hand with her dog, Apple, and has shared her story with us. Thankfully Apple was microchipped and it all ended with a very happy [...]

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The Return of Jack

Reunited "My daughter’s pet cat, Jack, slipped out on us in and I reported him as a lost pet with AKC Reunite. We searched for days for him. A neighbor caught a cat which she thought might be ours over a year after Jack was missing. I really wasn’t sure he was our Jack. He looked like him, but it had been over a year since I last saw him and petted him. I called [...]

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