Snoopy on a Stroll

Reunited in Florida "After registering Snoopy's microchip with you, I received a confirmation from you with a collar tag that matches his microchip information. I debated if I should put it on his collar or not, ultimately I did. A few weeks later I came home and the door to the porch was open, I must not have closed it, no Snoopy around. I made some flyers, went through the neighborhood hanging them and calling [...]

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Lola and Cooper’s Day on the Town

Reunited in Oklahoma Miniature Schnauzers, Lola and Cooper, escaped from their backyard by squeezing under their chain-link fence. Once Ashley C. from Vinita, Oklahoma realized her beloved dogs were gone, she contacted AKC Reunite to report them missing and activated their upgraded Lost Pet Alert. Pet lovers in the immediate vicinity were emailed the dogs’ information and Ashley also posted the Alert information on Facebook. Through her Lost Pet Alert Facebook post, a friend recognized [...]

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Carmel Found His Way Home

My husband and I got our beloved Carmel when he was 11 weeks old. He's so special to us because he is our first pet as a couple. Not only that, but Carmel and my husband share the same birthday. So when he was lost to us, my house felt so empty because we were missing our family member. We looked for him everywhere. When we first got him, we immediately got him microchipped. It [...]

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Magnus is Back

Reunited in Missouri It was unbelievable and shocking… Marie's boxer, Magnus, vanished from her backyard! He was gone without a trace, likely stolen. In a state of panic and worry, Marie immediately updated Magnus’ AKC Reunite profile with specific information about him. "super soft and sweet!" and “he has a special health condition that needs attention: diabetes insipidus.” Months passed, and there was no sign of poor, sweet Magnus. Marie could only hope someone was [...]

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Semuc Hitches a Ride

Reunited in Kentucky "One day, our tabby cat, Semuc went missing. I emailed everyone in the neighborhood, in hopes that someone would find him. We looked everywhere for Semuc, but found no signs of him anywhere. We had given up hope and accepted his disappearance forever. One evening, my son, Clay, received a phone call from the microchip company, that his cat had been found! Semuc was found in Porter County, IN, on the Indiana/Illinois [...]

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Samson and Cleo’s Journey

Reunited in California "My husband, Kurt and I adopted Samson and Cleo from an animal shelter in San Antonio, Texas. They were the last two left from their litter. We went to adopt one dog, but when we saw them together we fell in love and took them both home. They truly were our babies. Then, we decided to move to California. Originally, our plan was to take them with us to California. However, we [...]

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Monroe Comes Home After 3 Years

Reunited in Texas "Our Frenchie Monroe slipped out the front door and was missing for over 3 years. We searched for her for months but we could never find her. Then one day we received a call from a vet office in Euless saying they had found Monroe wandering the streets in the rain. A Good Samaritan took her to the vet where they scanned her microchip and they quickly called us. She has now [...]

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Joy’s Return

Reunited in Arizona "Joy was missing for 6 months. A homeless man found her and thankfully took her in. He eventually couldn’t take care of her anymore so he gave her away to a very kind lady. The lady took her to have her microchip checked and the microchip helped Joy become reunited with our family!" -Olana S.,Glendale, AZ

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Fergie’s Adventure

Reunited in Georgia "My son and I are thrilled to have Fergie home! About a year ago, we were in the process of moving and had a gap between the old house and new house. I had a coworker take Fergie until the new house was ready. Fergie has always been a runner and escaped from him one day and he was not able to find her. We never knew where she ended up. We [...]

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Eva is Back Home

Reunited in Arizona "In November 2014 we came home to find Eva missing from the yard and without her collar on. She has gotten out in the past and we were always called right away by AKC Reunite. Because of her microchip and AKC Reunite she was found and brought to a shelter on 3/31/15, 4 months later. She was scanned and we were immediately notified that finally our dog was found!! We highly believe [...]

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