5 Ways to Get Your Cat to Exercise

Fight Feline Obesity Through Exercise  By Dana Mack, The Catnip Times You love your cat – and that’s the understatement of the century, right? Many of us feline fanatics are quick to display our undying love through a few extra treats here and there, and while there’s nothing wrong with sharing the delight of a midnight snack together, it’s easier than you might think for an extra treat or two to turn into an extra pound [...]

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Give Cat a Fear-Free Life

Fear Free Isn’t Only Reserved for Vet Visits, It Applies to Your Cat’s Daily Life. Here’s how: By The Catnip Times Doing your best to remove fear from vet visits is really important for you and your cat. And removing fear from your cat’s everyday life can help improve the quality of life they experience and lead to a much happier cat and a really great bond between human and animal. Owners who dread taking [...]

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How to Make Your Cat Comfortable in the Summer

How to Make Your Cat Comfortable in the Summer The Catnip Times Cats, in general, are known for their fluffy fur coat which keeps them cozy and comfortable. But how do you keep your cat comfortable when the weather is just too hot? Whether you live in a sunny, tropical location or have just moved to one, keeping this six-step guide handy will help you make your fluffy feline a tad cooler in the [...]

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Tips If You Have to Rehome Your Cat

Tips If You Have to Rehome Your CatBy Angela Marcus, The Catnip TimesWhat are you to do if the inconceivable happens and you need to rehome your cat? Unless they are a regular foster parent, no one ever takes a cat into their home thinking, “I’ll have to find you a home one day.” But, too often, the unexpected happens: A family member becomes allergic. Your new job requires a move and the new landlord is [...]

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Five Flowers that are Safe for Cats

Five Flowers that are Safe for Cats By: The Catnip Times Gerbera Daisies Gerbera daisies are such a happy flower. Sometimes they are referred to as Gerber daisies. Either way, gerbera daisies are a safe choice when you have cats in the house. They come in beautiful vibrant colors and usually last up to a week. Not all daisies are safe for cats – be sure to avoid: chamomile, chrysanthemum (“mums”), showy daisies and [...]

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Tips for Choosing a Pet-Friendly Roommate

Tips for Choosing a Pet-Friendly Roommate By Robert Lanterman, The Catnip Times Roommates can be great and they can also be a challenge. If you’ve ever had a roommate and a pet, you may have experienced the struggle of living with someone who isn’t quite as pet-savvy as you. Their lack of sophistication with pets doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t like pets, and it may just mean they’re inexperienced in being a caretaker. [...]

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How to Care for a Long-haired Cat

How to Care for a Long-haired Cat By Dana Mack, The Catnip Times If you can cite mini tumbleweeds of fur rolling across your feet as a common occurrence, you’re probably the owner of a long-haired cat. They’re beautiful (and they know it), but seriously, you’ve had to apologize to guests one too many times for finding fur in their food. You might not think of cats’ grooming needs as anything beyond a good [...]

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Tips to Help Cats Stay Warm in Winter

Tips to Help Cats Stay Warm in Winter By Kristi Davis, Pet Wellness Advisor, The Catnip Times Cats have remarkable survival skills. Over thousands and thousands of years, cats in the wild developed skills that have enabled them to not just survive, but to thrive. From desert plains to wild forests, rural backwoods to urban centers, they seem to find a way. Sometimes, however, they need a little help from their humans, especially in [...]

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Introducing Cats and Dogs

Introducing Cats and Dogs By Dr. Bethany Richards, The Catnip Times Adding to your fur family is an exciting time, however, it can also be nerve-wracking predicting how your current pets will react to a new arrival. The key to introducing a new pet to your current fur babies is to take it slow. Many rescues will test dogs to ensure that they are friendly towards cats; and test cats to see if they [...]

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