Five Flowers that are Safe for Cats

By: The Catnip Times

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are such a happy flower. Sometimes they are referred to as Gerber daisies. Either way, gerbera daisies are a safe choice when you have cats in the house. They come in beautiful vibrant colors and usually last up to a week. Not all daisies are safe for cats – be sure to avoid: chamomile, chrysanthemum (“mums”), showy daisies and seaside daisies, to name a few.


Orchids are little works of art. Each one is unique, delicate and vibrant. Orchids last for years as long as you care for them and orchids are non-toxic to cats. I’ve seen great deals on beautiful orchids at many places including Trader Joe’s and Home Depot, to name a few.


Alstroemeria, also known as a Peruvian Lily, is one of my personal favorite flowers. Alstroemeria are not traditional lilies which are extremely toxic to cats. Instead, these alstroemeria beauties are non-toxic to cats, relatively inexpensive and last for a really long time. I cannot emphasize enough – do not buy lilies for your home if you have cats. Further reading about toxic lilies here.


We know, roses can be so cliché…but there’s no doubt that roses are beautiful. Stick to traditional roses from the Rosacea family as other flowers with the word “rose” in them can actually be dangerous (think primrose). Find out what color your main squeeze likes and bring home a beautiful bouquet of roses that will make your loved ones – and your cats very happy.


Sunflowers can make anyone’s day brighter. And the great news is that they are non-toxic to cats! Sunflowers are mostly native to North America and are a great source of nutrition for humans…. but we don’t recommend eating them. Just enjoy their beauty!

AVOID: Mixed Flower Bouquets

“But they’re so pretty!” I know, but chances are your mixed flower bouquet contains one or more toxic flowers… So skip the fancy mixed flower bouquets and go for bouquets that feature one type of flower.


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