Welcome Home Charlie!

Less than 24 hours — that’s how long it took Charlie, a recently adopted dog, to bolt away from her new owners.

The day after Jen adopted Charlie from the shelter, Jen was concerned about her new dog’s stitches, after being spayed, and how they were healing. Jen’s nephew offered to take Charlie to the vet while Jen was at work to get her treated as quickly as possible. They quickly learned Charlie had a fear of men and car rides when she anxiously wiggled out of her collar and bolted away from the car!

“We proceeded to drive/walk through ours and the surrounding neighborhoods,” said Jen. “People in the neighborhoods were posting on Facebook and Nextdoor.com as they saw [Charlie on the loose,] but she wouldn’t go to anyone.”

When Jen finally located Charlie, she was scared and skittish and wouldn’t come near her, no matter how many times she called her. “When I got out of my car and she started to run again, I dropped to my knees on the grass and patted the ground. Charlie didn’t bolt then but [also] wouldn’t come to me. I’m pretty sure she thought she was in trouble,” said Jen. “A woman and her young daughter stopped to help. I said that Charlie loves kids (assuming her daughter calling Charlie would help) and this amazing woman allowed her daughter to call for Charlie.”

Finally, Charlie slowly sauntered over to her new owner, and with the help of this stranger, they were able to get a leash around her neck. Another kind stranger who witnessed the event take place, brought dog treats over to help coax Charlie into the car!

“We went straight to PetSmart and bought a harness for Charlie,” said Jen. “We have started taking our sweet Charlie girl for random and fun car rides the last few days and she jumps right up in the car now, less than a week later! She is no longer afraid.”

Charlie’s first day in her new home was an eventful one to say the least! And even though Charlie is microchipped, her rescue was also at the hands of social media and kind strangers who helped along the way.

You can’t protect your pet from the unknown, but you can be better prepared if something happens. Microchip your pet with a permanent identification, so if your pet escapes without a collar, and is found, we can help trace them back to you!


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