Cream the Beagle Mix

Even on the other side of the world, AKC Reunite was working 24/7 to help reunite Cream, the wandering Beagle Mix, with her owners.

One night, while Cream’s owners were traveling outside the United States, they received a distressed call around 2 a.m. (1 p.m. EST) from their dog sitter — Cream had snuck out of the yard and took off on her own world adventure!

“My wife and I got up immediately,” said Xiaojun, Cream’s owner. “I ran to my laptop and wanted to send a Lost Pet Alert on AKC Reunite’s website. Surprisingly, the top email in my inbox was from AKC Reunite saying “Your Pet has been Reported Found”, which was sent 48 minutes before!

Cream had luckily been found by Liam, a kind gentleman who saw her AKC Reunite collar tag, and dialed the 1-800 recovery hotline number!

“We contact the founder listed in the email and learned Cream was safe and had been sent to the nearest animal rescue,” said Xiaojun. “Thanks to my friends who took care of Cream while we are not in U.S.; to Liam who found Cream; to the animal rescue who looked after Cream before we found her; and to AKC Reunite that provide us so much support in finding Cream. Our girl is home again!”

“We always make sure Cream is wearing her AKC collar. It suits perfectly on her and the fact is we can really count on it when an accident like this happens. It’s so important to her safety!”


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