Ghost is AKC Reunited

Dogs aren’t the only pets that like to wander.

Ghost, a four-year-old cat, enjoyed living a carefree life — coming and going as he pleased. But after a few days of him not coming home, his owner Suzanne started to worry.

Ghost wasn’t happy being an indoor-only cat and became depressed being confined to his home. Suzanne decided to give him more freedom outside and along with this new freedom, she made sure to microchip him, just in case. Ghost would wander during the day, but always returned to eat — he was adamant about never missing a meal! When one dinner turned into a few meals, and then a few weeks, Suzanne became worried and reported him missing on social media and to AKC Reunite.

Six weeks later, Suzanne received a text and a call from AKC Reunite that a nearby vet’s office was holding onto him. A good Samaritan noticed Ghost was a super friendly cat and figured he wasn’t a stray but someone’s beloved pet. She took Ghost to a local vet’s office and that’s where he was scanned and reported found! Although Ghost had lost a little weight during his six-week trek, he was healthy and happy!

Suzanne and Ghost are happily reunited, and so is his appetite!


Stitch the Houdini Hound

Itching for exploration, Stitch decided to go sight-seeing outside her fenced in yard. For days Stitch had been digging a hole, but her owner Carla had no idea just how big of a hole Stitch had dug until she had already escaped!

Chica the Chihuahua

After a month of wandering, Chica the Chihuahua has been reunited with her family! One afternoon, Chica ventured away from her family in York, Pennsylvania and traveled more than 100 miles to Chesapeake City, Maryland!

Dooley Reunited After Three Years

It was an unexpected reunion. Dooley the cat went missing three years ago, but now he’s finally come home. His owner says a concerned stranger, animal control, and a microchip helped bring them together again.

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