Hooray for Honey

Tired of having people home all the time, Honey the Domestic Short-Hair cat was eager to escape quarantine life. With the help of AKC Reunite, her Lost Pet Alert subscription, and social media, Honey was home after 11 days of being on the run.

“Honey ran out of our back door as we were letting our dog inside,” said Gina, Honey’s owner. “We think she was tired of being quarantined with everyone home since that wasn’t her routine,” and when she had her chance, she took it!

Honey’s microchip is enrolled with AKC Reunite, but after reporting her missing, Gina wanted to add additional protection that could help bring her feline home! Gina added the Lost Pet Alert service that broadcasted Gina’s information out to participating veterinarians, shelters, and pet lovers in the area to be on the lookout.

“We used AKC Reunite as one of our blasts as well as Facebook shares,” said Gina. “As a result of the broadcast and all the shares, neighbors far and wide (literally) were on the lookout for her. Because of quarantine, we did not feel that knocking on doors would be received well so this is what we were solely relying on!

On day 11, thanks to the Lost Pet Alert and social media, Honey was located by a neighbor and returned home!

“She was taken in by them until they could get in touch with us,” said Gina. “We picked her up, brought her home and she has been very happily catching up on her sleep and cuddling with everyone!”


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Hooray for Honey

April 30th, 2020|0 Comments

Tired of having people home, Honey the Domestic Short-Hair cat was eager to escape quarantine. With AKC Reunite's help, she was reunited after 11 days.

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