Reunited in Pennsylvania

“This is Issy. She is a beautiful, sweet combination of many breeds. 11 years old. Her “Mom” is 76. They live in the ST. Barnabas retirement community, Valencia, PA. The carriage houses are close together. The immediate neighbors welcomed her and let her into their homes and gave her treats.

Issy decided to take herself for a walk. I am sure that if she expanded her horizons more people would invite her in and give her treats. She loves people. She wears ID on her color but her fur is long and her id was not noticed. Wonderful people acted together. She was taken to a Vet and her chip was read. I was called and she was brought home. I was so relieved. I cried. Many thanks to the ST Barnabas community and all the wonderful, kind people who spoiled her while she was “lost”. I think she had a delightful time. My message is: “just because your beloved little dog doesn’t have a fancy pedigree and “papers” they have equal value in their human’s hearts. Spend the money and have a chip placed in your BFF!”

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