“My daughter’s pet cat, Jack, slipped out on us in and I reported him as a lost pet with AKC Reunite. We searched for days for him. A neighbor caught a cat which she thought might be ours over a year after Jack was missing. I really wasn’t sure he was our Jack. He looked like him, but it had been over a year since I last saw him and petted him.

I called our vet and took him to be scanned to see if this cat had a microchip. Tears filled my eyes when they found the chip. It took only a few more moments for them to confirm that the chip in this cat did belong to our Jack!!!! After a check up with the vet, shots, worm and flea medicine we were on our way home with our beloved Jack!

The people in the vet office were as excited as we were and the vet was amazed that we got him back after more than a year. Microchip confirmed that he was indeed our cat. I just wasn’t sure after so much time had passed. During the last year, we have gotten 2 new cats who will now be getting their microchip. You never know when you might need it. Thank you for helping to return a part of our family to us!!!!” Submitted by Kim

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