Jackson the Labrador Retriever

As a well-trained hunting dog, Jackson sometimes cannot resist hunting for his own adventure! With the help of AKC Reunite, Jackson’s been reunited with his family, more than once!

On this occasion, Jackson was tagging along with his owner, Ed, who was working on their property in Nebraska. Ed looked up from working, he realized Jackson had vanished.

“Jackson usually sticks around, right by my side actually,” said Ed, “and he knows the property well, but I wasn’t paying attention to him and next thing I knew, he was gone.”

Although Ed lives on a large plot of land, his house is only a few blocks from the highway, and with Jackson on the run, there was no telling where he’d be. After driving around his rural town for hours, Ed’s phone finally rang with the good news — someone had found Jackson walking alongside the highway.  They corralled him into the car and dialed the AKC Reunite number on his collar tag!

“This is the second time in a few months that Jackson has been rescued by a good Samaritan — hopefully, it won’t happen again,” said Ed. “AKC Reunite is a Godsend and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves their pet!”


Hector the Labrador Retriever

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Brave Bella

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