Reunited in Tennessee

When Jake the Australian Shepherd disappeared from his backyard one day in June his owner, Lisa C. from Idaho, immediately began her search for him. Unbeknownst to her, Jake was now in the possession of a hitchhiker who had changed out Jake’s collar tags with new contact information. A truck driver later picked up the pair and Jake’s cross-country road trip from Idaho ended in Memphis, Tennessee — over 1,800 miles away from home.

Lisa never gave up hope that she was going to find her beloved Jake. She quickly reported Jake lost with AKC Reunite and continually checked in with the AKC Reunite PETline team in order to update contact information and send out Lost Pet Alert Flyers.

Five months later, Jake was taken to a local veterinarian after he was found alone walking the streets in Memphis. “A lady found him on the street and was smart enough to not call the number on the tag because then she would’ve just ended up giving Jake right back [to the hitchhiker].  She waited till morning and took Jake in [to the veterinarian to be scanned] and I was called within moments!”

Ecstatic from the news that Jake had finally been found, Lisa booked a one-way ticket to Memphis to be reunited with him as soon as possible. “The next morning at 8:00 AM I was right there at the vet and got to see Jake for the first time in five months and three days. It was unbelievable, fantastic, and amazing and I think he was in shock … I think he was trying to gauge, ‘Is this a dream?’”

Lisa has been actively sharing their reunion story on social media and promoting the importance of all pets having a microchip, as a collar tag can be easily lost or changed, “Always, always take lost animals to the vet or the animal shelter to be scanned.”

Jake is now home safe and sound and enjoying being spoiled with treats, love, and toys!


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