Jo-Jo the Yorkshire Terrier

Almost two years ago, Jo-Jo disappeared from his back yard. Then his owner Sarah received the long-awaited phone call — Jo-Jo had been safely found.

In November of 2017, Sarah let Jo-Jo out to use the bathroom in his fenced in back yard. When she returned less than 15 minutes later, he was simply gone. Her fenced in yard was completely sealed with no broken boards and no holes in the fence or on the ground. Sarah expected the worst, that her beloved Jo-Jo had been stolen. She posted flyers offering a monetary reward for his safe return, but to no avail.

Several months later, Sarah happened to locate Jo-Jo’s paperwork packed away with his microchip information. She then went online and registered his microchip ID number with AKC Reunite just in case he was found. In October of 2019, Sarah’s cell phone started pinging constantly and as it turns out, it was AKC Reunite letting Sarah know that Jo-Jo’s enrolled microchip had been detected and she should contact the animal shelter holding onto him.

“I took a seat in disbelief and burst into happy tears. The missing part of our family has returned… and the best feeling is that he remembered us!” said Sarah. “The day I registered Jo-Jo (although he was no longer with us) was the best thing that I could have done in hopes of ever getting him back. I’m a believer that AKC Reunite really works and is a valuable service to have when you’ve lost a pet. I am so happy to start a fresh new chapter with Jo-Jo!”

If your pet is microchipped are you sure it is enrolled? Make sure your pet’s microchip is enrolled with AKC Reunite so we know who to call when your lost pet is found. You can enroll online at or by calling 800-252-7894.


Sadie the Siberian Husky

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