Reunited in Michigan

Mini Golden Doodle, Maggie, vanished from her family’s backyard in 2016 without a trace. When Jillian G. from Freeland, Michigan realized Maggie was missing, she and her family immediately began the search for their beloved Christmas puppy. “We looked for months with no leads, and no luck,” said Jillian.  “With our Michigan winters, we thought she was gone for good.”

19 months after going missing, Maggie was found by Good Samaritans and taken to Saginaw County Animal Care and Control Center where the staff scanned her and found her AKC Reunite microchip. The shelter was able to contact the family through Maggie’s up-to-date enrollment information with AKC Reunite. This touching reunion was caught on video and shared to the shelter’s Facebook page.

The family’s reunion with Maggie was surreal. Jillian recalls, “I was in disbelief it was really her but she recognized us after she got close to us and smelled us….now it’s like she never left. It’s so good to have her home and see how happy she makes my six children.”

“Without the microchip, we would not have our dog back. There is no way the shelter would have known to contact me without the microchip. My advice would be to never give up and to microchip every pet!”


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Morti the Strolling Schnauzer

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