Reunited in Missouri

It was unbelievable and shocking… Marie’s boxer, Magnus, vanished from her backyard! He was gone without a trace, likely stolen.

In a state of panic and worry, Marie immediately updated Magnus’ AKC Reunite profile with specific information about him. “super soft and sweet!” and “he has a special health condition that needs attention: diabetes insipidus.” Months passed, and there was no sign of poor, sweet Magnus. Marie could only hope someone was giving him the TLC he needed and deserved.

Almost exactly six months later, a Rescue over 20 miles away had Magnus! They scanned his microchip, called AKC Reunite and Marie was contacted immediately. Marie quickly hopped in her car and drove over 20 miles to be reunited with her lost boy. He is now back home, happy and in good health, getting plenty of love and care from his devoted owner. Welcome Home Magnus!

Lesson Learned: Remind your pet owners to keep their pet microchip records up to date!

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