Mischievous Maizy

Maizy’s owner Cindy left the house, as she normally would, and walked down to her local co-op leaving Maizy safely inside — or so she thought.

When Cindy returned home about 15 minutes later, she expected Maizy to greet her with a wagging tail and puppy kisses. Instead, she was greeted by an eerie silence. Maizy, being a mischievous little girl,  somehow snuck out of her house through the cat door and was on the run!

“We always remove her collar when she is inside the house so that she is more comfortable” said Cindy. “So, when I returned to find that she had somehow gotten out of the house (through our cat’s door!), I was horrified that she was out loose without any identification.”

Cindy took off running all over her neighborhood and local village, frantically calling her name. Soon after, Cindy received a call from the Central Vermont Humane Society that someone noticed Maizy running around, picked her up, and took her to the humane society where she was identified through her registered microchip!

“Had it not been for that microchip, our happy reunion might have turned out much differently. I thank everyone involved and cannot stress enough how important this technology is for protecting our pets” said Cindy.

Since Maizy’s little escape, Cindy says her collar is no longer removed in the house and that they’ve established a better way for the cat to come and go, so they will hopefully never have to experience something like this again.


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