Mango’s Tango with Animal Control

As an English Setter, Mango’s breed is known for its bird hunting disposition. So, one day, when the front door wasn’t latched all the way, Mango saw his opportunity to go bird chasing and took off in pursuit!

“I am an ICU nurse and I was leaving for work at 6:30 a.m.,” said Emily, Mango’s owner. “I ran back inside for something I forgot, and the front door apparently didn’t latch behind me. Mango, my beautiful English setter, who loves to run and chase anything that moves, especially birds, saw the open door and took off!”

By the time Emily noticed the front door was cracked open, Mango was already gone. Frantic, Emily drove around the neighborhood looking for her dog, but Mango was nowhere to be found.

“I was a half hour late to work looking for her,” said Emily. “All day at work I was sobbing my eyes out, trying to keep it together as best I could to take care of my patients, but my heart was broken. Mango didn’t have her collar on, so I was relying solely on the microchip to bring her home.”

After 8 hours of being on the run, Emily finally found some peace when her phone rang. Mango was corralled into a neighbor’s backyard where animal control was then contacted. After the van did a quick scan, they located Mango’s microchip and contacted AKC Reunite who passed on Emily’s contact information!

“I picked Mango up from the animal control van, and the look of guilt on her face said it all,” said Emily. “Thank you AKC Reunite for helping me get Mango back home. If I didn’t have the chip it could have been a very different outcome!”


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