Morti is AKC Reunited

Reunited in record time — Morti escaped one evening and was found, reported to AKC Reunite, and returned home, all before his owners could pay their bill at dinner.

Morti, a one-year old Miniature Schnauzer, snuck out the front door and took a stroll around the neighborhood, all while his owners were enjoying dinner at a local restaurant. Apparently while Morti’s owners were out eating, their daughter had returned home with groceries. Unbeknownst to her, after a few visits in and out of the front door, Morti decided to go too. His owners received a text from AKC Reunite that Morti had been found by a Good Samaritan and listed a number to call. They were shocked to hear he’d been found, but even more so, were shocked to hear he was lost!

After calling their rescuer, Morti’s owners discovered he simply waltzed up to this Good Samaritan and his family and decided to join them on an evening stroll around the neighborhood! They noticed his AKC Reunite tag and called right away, and Morti was returned home before his owners even made it back from dinner!

“Both of our dogs are chipped” said Kelley, Morti’s owner. “But Morti has a collar tag from AKC Reunite with their contact information on it. When my husband ordered this collar, I gave him a hard time and told him Morti was chipped and that was being a little over the top. Needless to say, I will now be ordering a tag for our other dog as well. We would’ve never found him so quickly or without harm if it weren’t for the tag on his collar and our enrollment with AKC Reunite!”


Stitch the Houdini Hound

Itching for exploration, Stitch decided to go sight-seeing outside her fenced in yard. For days Stitch had been digging a hole, but her owner Carla had no idea just how big of a hole Stitch had dug until she had already escaped!

Chica the Chihuahua

After a month of wandering, Chica the Chihuahua has been reunited with her family! One afternoon, Chica ventured away from her family in York, Pennsylvania and traveled more than 100 miles to Chesapeake City, Maryland!

Dooley Reunited After Three Years

It was an unexpected reunion. Dooley the cat went missing three years ago, but now he’s finally come home. His owner says a concerned stranger, animal control, and a microchip helped bring them together again.

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