Reunited in Washington

“There was still fresh snow and we had an icy driveway. Our dog, Mr. Wilson, did not come when called. We checked in all directions for prints in the fresh snow. We called and visited neighbors to alert them. He had vanished. We were totally puzzled and prayed he would stay safe and have a good home if he was picked up…..

Mr. Wilson was found a quarter mile from our house on a remote highway. He walked on the ice covered road, following coyote scent. He was picked up and taken to a rescue and the rest is history! AKC Reunite called us and also our neighbor who was our emergency contact was called! What an awesome relief! We picked him up immediately. What a relief to have him home and not attacked by local coyotes or a cougar. AMEN!”  -Alice G., Coleville, WA

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