Negan the German Shepherd

Did you know AKC Reunite tailors its microchipping programs for each client? Mercy Sakes 2nd Chance Dog Rescue chooses to enroll every pet’s microchip to the rescue as the primary contact, and then lists the adopted owner as the alternate contact. This was especially good news for Negan the German Shepherd, whose owner was out of town when he went missing. Not only did Negan have the 24/7/365 protection of AKC Reunite, he had the entire rescue looking out for his safe return home!

“Negan was a rescue dog of ours who was recently, in the last 2 months, adopted by a wonderful family who absolutely adores him,” said Sasha from Mercy Sakes 2nd Chance Dogs Rescue. “His new owner had to go out of town overnight and left his brother in charge of dog sitting.”

Unfortunately, Negan being anxious of his new sitter, darted out the front door and took off. He was initially located by the Tulsa Police Department but before the sitter could collect him, Negan slipped out of his collar and took off — again!

“Negan has never been loose before, so we were worried sick especially with him not having a collar on now,” said Sasha. “Myself, my rescue board members, Negan’s adopters, as well as co-workers and people in the rescue community stayed out until 3 a.m. looking for him!”

The next day, both Mercy Sakes 2nd Chance Dog Rescue and Negan’s owner were phoned with the good news. Someone found Negan and called animal control.  When he got to the shelter his microchip was scanned and AKC Reunite was contacted.

“He had minor injuries from running and being afraid but is home recovering and very happy as were his people,” said Sasha. “I swear by microchips! Thank you AKC Reunite for helping us to reunite our rescued boy with his adoptive family who loves him so much!”


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