Nymeria the Siberian Husky

It’s been more than 85 days since Nymeria went missing from her home in South Carolina — enough time that her owner had to relocate for work…to California! But thanks to her microchip, no amount of time or distance could prevent this reunion.

In October of 2019, Nymeria went missing in Charleston, South Carolina. The following month her owner, Ben, faced another set-back — he was being relocated to Los Angeles, California, and would have to leave without his dog!

Thankfully, on a trip back to the East Coast for work, Ben received the call of a lifetime. Someone had found Nymeria and had her chip scanned, and AKC Reunite contacted Ben!

“I was so happy, and the timing could not have been better,” said Ben. “I immediately drove the 5 hours down to Charleston to pick her up. I had a flight back to Los Angeles the next day [and] I booked her on the same flight as me… We are now back home in California and she and I couldn’t be happier!”

Finally, after almost 3 months on the run, Nymeria was reunited with her owner.

“I would like to give a special thanks to The Charleston Animal Society, who was a tremendous help in getting me all the paperwork I needed for the flight as well as taking great care of Nymeria. Thank you AKC Reunite for reuniting my family!”


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