Oreo’s Frequent Outings

Oreo was microchipped and enrolled early on by her owner Shaylynn, and thank goodness she did so, or this tuxedo cat may not have had as many happy reunions!

“Everyone knows how outdoor cats love to wander, and Oreo is no exception” said Shaylynn. “There are times I can call for her and she won’t come because she’s busy doing her own exploring and/or hunting.” Oreo enjoys chasing and capturing birds, rats, and other small critters. She often takes off after other animals, but Oreo always returns home.

Oreo will do anything to remove her collar and she does so constantly! She’s a friendly cat and has no problem meeting strangers so she is often found without her collar on. Good Samaritans assume she’s a stray and will take her to the shelter. “I’ve gotten 5 calls about my cat this year alone” said Shaylynn.

“I’m grateful to AKC Reunite for always calling me right away when someone mistakenly believes Oreo’s a stray and takes her to the shelter/veterinary clinic. This experience is the best I could ask for, anyone who has an outdoor cat or wants an outdoor cat should definitely have AKC Reunite,” said Shaylynn.

Even though Shaylynn has a collar and collar tags for Oreo, it’s not enough fool-proof protection for her outdoor cat. Safeguard your pet with the only protection that can’t be taken off. Microchip and enroll your outdoor feline with AKC Reunite!


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