Prudence the Domestic Short-Hair

Typically, Prudence spends most of her time inside, but occasionally, she’ll venture outside for some fresh air. Only this time, she didn’t come back on her own accord. Instead, she needed AKC Reunite’s help.

“Prudence had [escaped] from time to time but had never been gone more than a few hours,” said Crista, Prudence’s owner. But when Prudence didn’t return, Crista began to panic.

“We live in a snowy, cold state and temperatures had been as low as 7 degrees at night! I reported her missing to AKC Reunite after making phone calls to vets and shelters, and [checking] lost/found pets on social media.”

Three weeks after Prudence went missing, Crista received the long-awaited call from AKC Reunite — Prudence had been found! Apparently, she had been hanging around a woman’s home for several days, and after coaxing Prudence with some food, the kind stranger was able to get Prudence inside and out of the cold, and dial AKC Reunite’s phone number off Prudence’s collar tag!

Crista was able to pick Prudence up 11 miles from home. Somehow, she had safely crossed a high speed, 5-lane highway, completely unharmed!

Prudence is now home and is safely resting from her time out in the cold by snuggling up to her canine brother Moose.

“I am beyond grateful that we had her chipped and registered with AKC Reunite. Thank you for bringing our girl home to us!”


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