Reunited in Oklahoma

“Our two-year-old boy, Quigley, got out of our yard when the gate was left open after the lawn was mowed. We didn’t discover it for about an hour after the Great Escape! We went into total panic mode! Our search involved three groups starting close and fanning out – but no luck. All I could think of was him getting hit by a car or that I would never see him again.

Heartbroken, I called the AKC Reunite number and gave his information to a wonderful woman who tried to calm my fears! She took all the information and a photo I provided. Within a very short period of time, all the local vets were on notice and all the local “Reuniters” were made aware that our baby was out there someplace.

We continued to search but it got dark so we had to call it a night and just pray that he didn’t get hurt. And then the miracle happened! Carmen called to tell me that someone had called into AKC Reunite with Quigley’s tag number reporting that HE HAD FOUND THEM on their evening walk and that he was at their house within our neighborhood. She gave me the lady’s phone number and we immediately went to get him! What a joy it was to have him back safely with us and our pack! You better believe that every one of our darling dogs has on their collar tags at all times!! Including updated name and phone number tags!

I am so very grateful that I enrolled their microchips with AKC Reunite. Best money I ever spent!”  -Penny R., Enid, OK

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