Reunited in New York

“My dog Rufus was saved today because he had a microchip! My husband and I went away on vacation and entrusted our beloved 15 year old dog Rufus to the care of an 18 year old boy in the home of a trusted employee. While away, we received a call saying that Rufus had been found abandoned and tied to a tree in a public park. Horrified to hear this we were also told that someone had taken him to a firehouse where Edwin Sanchez, a fireman, took him home, cared for him, and then took his personal time to drive him to Save-a-Pet Shelter. This is where Janice, a volunteer, traced him to us from the microchip. Without this he would have been gone forever!! I cannot tell you enough how important the microchip is for protecting your dog. We never thought anything like this would ever happen, but it did.

Due to the amazing fortitude and kindness of these individuals, and because he was lucky enough to have a microchip, our beloved dog was returned to us. Please protect the pet you love so much because anything can happen and thank you to those who helped bring our Rufus home.” -Elana A., New York