Sadie the Siberian Husky

Ready to break free of the quarantine restrictions, Sadie the six-year-old pup decided to go exploring on her own. With the help of her AKC Reunite collar tag and unique microchip ID number, Sadie was reunited with her family in less than two hours!

Somehow, Sadie got out of her pen and took off traveling around the neighborhood and eventually ended up on the highway — where she was almost hit! Thank goodness for the good Samaritan and his wife, who were able to corral Sadie, and call the AKC Reunite number off her tag before any harm could come her way!

“They called the number on her AKC Reunite collar tag and thank God because it fell it off and I just put it back on a week ago,” said Tammy.  “Two hours later I got a call from AKC Reunite that someone had found my dog. I called and the good Samaritan was holding onto Sadie until I could get there. If you don’t have your pet microchipped, I suggest you do it because this is the second time she’s gotten out and was found.”

Thanks to our 24/7 recovery service and Sadie’s unique microchip and collar tag, we were able to verify Sadie’s ownership — and with the good Samaritan’s help, Tammy was reunited with her beloved Husky!


Hector the Labrador Retriever

April 30th, 2020|0 Comments

Missing in action, Hector the four-month old Labrador Retriever was rescued by local law enforcement and reunited with his family in less than 24 hours!

Brave Bella

April 30th, 2020|0 Comments

Bella the Chihuahua isn’t afraid of anything! Thankfully, with her microchip enrolled with AKC Reunite, her owner Sheila didn’t have to be either.

Hooray for Honey

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Tired of having people home, Honey the Domestic Short-Hair cat was eager to escape quarantine. With AKC Reunite's help, she was reunited after 11 days.

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