Reunited in Kentucky

“One day, our tabby cat, Semuc went missing. I emailed everyone in the neighborhood, in hopes that someone would find him. We looked everywhere for Semuc, but found no signs of him anywhere. We had given up hope and accepted his disappearance forever.

One evening, my son, Clay, received a phone call from the microchip company, that his cat had been found! Semuc was found in Porter County, IN, on the Indiana/Illinois border only miles from Chicago! At first, we thought it was a prank call, but it turned out to be our lucky day.

After receiving the news, we drove over 550 miles round trip to pick up Semuc at the Porter Co shelter. He was is great shape, well nourished and healthy.

Here’s the rest of the story: A sheep breeder from Valparaiso, IN delivered a load of sheep nearby. He stopped here late that night before returning to northern IN. Apparently, Semuc, crawled in the stock trailer and took a long ride to Indiana. Our friend said he never saw the cat, so we assume Semuc left the trailer and had been living on the street for about 30 days, when someone called the Porter Co Humane Society to pick up a stray cat. The officer took Semuc to the shelter, where his microchip was scanned and we were notified. We are so lucky and blessed to have Semuc back home.

Thanks for all your help looking for Semuc and the supportive emails during his absence. BOTTOM LINE: MICROCHIP YOUR PETS…IT WORKS!” Submitted by Joyce K., Crestwood, KY

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