Sneaky Sammy

Sammy, the 2 year old Chocolate Lab loves to wander from her Colorado home, especially when she’s tracking an animal’s scent. But this time, Sammy nose led her too far from home.

“We live in Larkspur, Colorado — right on the foothills, with Pikes Peak Forest in our backyard,” said Stephanie, Sammy’s owner. “Well, Sam has a tendency to wander but she usually comes back when she’s called. Only this time, she went a bit further than usual.”

Thankfully, within 10 minutes of Sammy being on the run, Stephanie received a call from AKC Reunite. A neighbor down the road picked up Sammy and called the AKC Reunite number on Sammy’s collar tag.

“We were so relieved,” said Stephanie. “We picked her up and she was back with us within 30 minutes! Sammy has an enrolled microchip and an AKC Reunite collar tag, and we are so very pleased we opted for this protection!”


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