Stevie Licks the Scottish Terrier

The fence was no match for Stevie Licks and her brother Skipperdog, and after their quick digging efforts, both dogs escaped one morning under the fence — all before the sun could even rise.

About 30 minutes later, Skipperdog was located by his owners. He was frightened and shaken up from his adventure and shamefully scooted back under the fence using the same hole. His sister Stevie however, was nowhere to be found.

Joanne, Stevie’s owner, contacted her local animal control and AKC Reunite to report Stevie missing. “I was so upset when I realized that I hadn’t updated her AKC Reunite contact information and that she was still listed with the puppy store” said Joanne. “I emailed AKC Reunite immediately, explaining the situation — we truly believed her microchip was our best chance at recovering our little doggo!”

With AKC Reunite’s Lost Pet Alert, Joanne’s family was able to distribute flyers of Stevie and flood social media with her information.

“Local vets, pet supply stores, and groomers were very concerned and willing to post our flyers. The support and love that we received from the veterinary office and grooming salon that knew Stevie Licks was so incredibly moving to us,” said Joanne.

After 60 long and excruciating hours, Stevie’s big adventure came to an end when Hernando County Animal Services located Stevie and brought her home!

“We are so appreciative of how our community came together, sharing her information and offering us so much emotional support,” said Joanne. “We won’t ever know the names of the individuals at AKC Reunite or the puppy store from which we obtained her, who clearly worked to expedite her [microchip] enrollment.”

Since Stevie’s departure, Joanne’s family has taken additional steps to keep her safely at home. Along with up-to-date microchip enrollment information, she now has an electric collar, a collar with AKC Reunite tags, and her family installed a concrete footer so digging under the fence is no longer an option!


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