Toby the Neighborhood Tourist

Not all dogs who wander remain lost.

Toby the 7-month old Chow Chow went missing one day from his yard in Wisconsin. Eleven days later, after reporting him missing to AKC Reunite, his owners were still canvassing the neighborhood, putting up flyers, and going door to door searching for him. During their search, a family member returned home and lo and behold, Toby was just sitting in the yard, dirty but otherwise very healthy! His family has no idea where he was for 11 days or how he wandered home, but they are thrilled to have him back!

With the dangers of busy streets and speeding cars, pet theft, and other loose animals, Toby was lucky to have made it home unscathed. But if Toby becomes a frequent flyer and makes wandering away from home a habit, he might not be as fortunate. That’s why AKC Reunite is here 24/7 to protect dogs like Toby that could wander. At AKC Reunite, we encourage all pet owners to increase their pet’s protection by enrolling them with our recovery service, so we can notify pet owners when their lost pet has been found!

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Sadie the Siberian Husky

Ready to break free of quarantine, Sadie the six-year-old pup decided to go exploring. With her AKC Reunite collar tag and unique microchip ID number, she was home in less than two hours!

Hector the Labrador Retriever

Missing in action, Hector the four-month old Labrador Retriever was rescued by local law enforcement and reunited with his family in less than 24 hours!

Brave Bella

Bella the Chihuahua isn’t afraid of anything! Thankfully, with her microchip enrolled with AKC Reunite, her owner Sheila didn’t have to be either.

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