Windy the Doberman Pinscher

When Windy’s owners moved to a new house, Windy couldn’t wait to sniff out her new backyard, and found her way to a hole in the fence that was hidden by some shrubbery.

“I stayed with her when she was in the yard except for 15 seconds when I went to the front of house” said Mary Ann, Windy’s owner. “When I went back [to the backyard] she was gone.”

Mary Ann had no idea a hole was in her fence until it was too late. She immediately started calling Windy’s name, driving around the neighborhood, and going door to door asking her neighbors if they had seen Windy, but Windy was nowhere to be found.

“I have never been so frightened in my life,” said Mary Ann. “This was my worst nightmare. I reported her missing to our local Animal Control, but it was after 6 p.m. and most shelters were closed.”

Thankfully, Windy was microchipped and was wearing a collar with her AKC Reunite tag. And after being on the run for almost 40 minutes, Mary Ann’s phone rang with good news — Windy had been found by a neighbor less than a mile away, who saw the AKC Reunite tag and called the phone number right away.

“I called [Windy’s finder] immediately, confirmed her identity, picked her up, and brought her home,” said Mary Ann. “I am eternally grateful to the folks who took her in, gave her water and called the AKC Reunite phone number. I have always been extremely careful with my dogs, but something like this could happen to anyone. All your beloved animal companions should always be both microchipped and wearing visible ID tags. Thanks again to AKC Reunite for the prompt notification. It worked exactly as it was supposed to!”


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