Ernie the Escape Artist

Reunited in Colorado "While helping a friend at her 88-year-old mother's house, my 2-year-old German Shepherd decided to test his skills as an escape artist. We had taken my friend's mom out to lunch to celebrate her birthday and left Ernie in the backyard, where he has spent ample time previously. Unfortunately, on this day, he decided to push up the bolt that holds in one side of a large wooden gate door. He then [...]

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AKC Pet Disaster Relief Rolls Out Help for Pets in Payne County

Payne County, Oklahoma is now equipped with an AKC Pet Disaster Relief trailer that will be available to dispatch to any disaster scenes that need assistance sheltering pets. AKC Pet Disaster Relief, a national program that is dedicated to keeping pets and their owners safe in response to natural or civil disasters, joined forces with local American Kennel Club dog clubs and dog lovers to present an emergency trailer to officials from the Payne County [...]

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Jake’s Story

Reunited in Tennessee "Good afternoon to everyone at AKC Reunite. I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere thanks to everyone on your team. I applied to Reunite about 2 years ago, and in that time one of my best friends and teammate Jake has been reunited with me on 5 separate occasions. Jake is a 4-year-old service dog who works in the HABIT service program at The University Of Tennessee Knoxville. Part [...]

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The Dangers of Xylitol

Xylitol provides many human health benefits, making it a common active or inactive ingredient in your medicine cabinet, pantry, and purse. Take special care and keep these potentially toxic products away from your pets!

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