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Microchip Enrollment Toolkit for Breeders

Thank you for choosing AKC Reunite microchips!  You have made the smart and caring choice to permanently identify your puppies with a microchip.  Now, for every one of your microchips enrolled in our 24/7 recovery service with the standard enrollment fee paid, you receive a point in our Enrollment Rewards Program.  This program is specially designed to reward you for ensuring pet’s microchips are linked to their pet owners so we can help get them home fast if they ever get loose.  Microchips can be enrolled using the forms enclosed with your microchip order, or online by clicking below.


When sending your puppies to their forever home

Let your puppy buyers know about the extra care you provide for your puppies! Remind them about their new pet’s microchip and reinforce the importance of enrolling their microchip.  You can also include a copy of our microchip enrollment reminder with their paperwork.

**TIP!** Take advantage of the four microchip ID number stickers included with each microchip.  Use one for your records, put another on the microchip enrollment form and the others on any other official paperwork, like registration papers and/or your puppy contract.

Checking your points balance

Login to your HUB ACCOUNT or you can call your AKC Reunite sales representative at (800) 252-7894 to check whether or not your microchips have been enrolled in our recovery service.  You will be able to track the microchips that have, or have not, been enrolled. Then you can follow up with puppy buyers and remind them to enroll their pet so their puppy is protected.

A simple email can do the trick

If a dog’s microchip is not yet enrolled, oftentimes a reminder email will help. Below is a sample email that you can send to your new puppy buyers.

Subject line: ALERT about your puppy’s microchip

Dear Puppy Buyer,

I trust you and your new puppy are having the best of times together.

Please don’t forget your puppy is permanently identified with an AKC Reunite microchip, and it is extremely important that the microchip is enrolled under your name. Enrolling your pet with AKC Reunite’s Recovery Service, helps to ensure your dog will get home to you if it ever goes missing.

Please take a minute and enroll your pet at The lifetime enrollment fee is only $17.50 and there are no additional fees for as long as you own your pet.

Please protect your puppy and enroll its microchip today.

Thank you,

Questions about microchips

If your puppy buyers ever have questions about their pet’s microchip, please have them contact AKC Reunite at 800-252-7894 with their veterinarian’s contact information.