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Microchip Enrollment Toolkit for Breeders

Thank you for choosing AKC Reunite microchips! We appreciate and enthusiastically support your decision to invest in the lifetime protection for your puppies and we want to reward you for making the smart choice to microchip your puppies!

Each time one of your microchips is enrolled in AKC Reunite’s 24/7 recovery service, and the standard enrollment fee is paid, you can earn a point in our Enrollment Rewards Program. Once you’ve accumulated 25 points, you can earn a free box of microchips — this is our way of saying thanks for ensuring your pet’s microchips are linked to their new pet owners!

Microchips can be enrolled using the forms enclosed with your microchip order, or online at a discount when you log in to your HUB Account — a personalized portal where you can easily view your microchip orders, enrollments, and update your contact information!


Enrollments are Necessary

Remind your puppy buyers about their pet’s new microchip and that their protection isn’t complete until the microchip is enrolled! Include a copy of our microchip enrollment reminder with their paperwork, as well as a microchip ID number sticker (which is included with each microchip) affixed to the reminder and to the paper enrollment form!

Check Your Point Balance

Visit your HUB ACCOUNT to see which puppy buyers have enrolled their pet’s microchip and the points that you have earned when the standard enrollment fee is paid.

You can also view your Unenrolled Microchips to see if any puppy buyers have forgotten to enroll. And directly from your HUB account, you can send a friendly reminder email with the pet’s microchip ID number included directly to your puppy buyers to remind them to protect their pet. This is another way we make sure you can maximize your points potential and show your puppy buyers how much you care about your puppies’ protection and well-being!

Microchip Questions?

If your puppy buyers ever have questions about their pet’s microchip, please have them contact AKC Reunite at 800-252-7894 with their veterinarian’s contact information.