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I just enrolled my pet, but cannot find it under My Pet Records in the Online Record System. Why?

You must first create an Online Records Account with an email address, user name and password. Once this account is created, you can link your pet's enrollment to the Account. Create Account

Why do you require an email address?

If any updates are made to your pet records, you will be informed of these updates via the email address you provide.

What are the password requirements for my Online Record Systems Account?

Passwords are required to be a minimum of 6 characters and a maximum of 31 characters.  The password you select must be entered exactly the same with the appropriate capitalization and spelled correctly.

Why isn't my Security Answer being recognized?

It is important that you provide the exact Security Question answer, spelled correctly with the correct capitalization provided at account set-up.

How do I link my pet's enrollment to my Online Records System Account?

Once your account is created, you will see the "Add Enrolled Pet" page. This page allows you to add your pet's AKC Reunite enrollment to your Online Records System Account. You will need your pet's enrollment confirmation information to add a pet's record to your online account.
  1. Select the type of ID your pet has. It could be a microchip ID number, the ID number on your pet's AKC Reunite collar tag, or your dog's AKC Registration number.
  2. Enter the ID number.
  3. Enter the last name and zip code of the Primary Contact on the pet's enrollment record with AKC Reunite.
  4. Refer to your pet's AKC Reunite Enrollment Confirmation for your pet's Enrollment Key and enter it in the Enrollment Key field. If you cannot locate your pet's Enrollment Key, you can request we email it to the address from the pet's enrollment record, or you can call us at 800-252-7894.
  5. Click the Search button after all of these fields are complete.

How do I update my pet's information in my Online Records System Account?

Select the Pet's profile from your Online Records System homepage. A new window will pop up with all of the information that you can update for the pet. From your pet's profile you can upload your pet's picture, add emergency contacts, set up reminders for medicine, veterinary appointments, and more. Once you complete updating your pet's profile, select the "update" button to save changes. If you select the "cancel" button, you will lose any changes that you make.

How do I update my contact information, such as address, phone or email?

In the pet info section, click on your name, then click the UPDATE button on the pop up. This will take you to a screen that will allow you to update your contact information. Be sure to click the UPDATE button to save any changes, or CANCEL to discard them.

How do I add or change my pet's veterinarian information?

In the pet info section, click the Update Pet Info link or your pet's picture to go to the pet info detail page. You may add or replace the veterinarian on this page. Please note, because other pets may share the same veterinarian, you cannot edit the vet's information, only add, remove or replace. Be sure to click the UPDATE button to save any changes, or CANCEL to discard them.

I no longer own a pet, how do I put it under a different person's name?

Email the new owner this TRANSFER FORM to complete so we know who to contact when the pet is found. You can also choose to "remove the pet" from your Online Records System account.

My pet passed away and crossed the Rainbow Bridge, how do I deactivate my account?

We are very sorry for your loss. To cease communications from us, please go into your Pet's Profile and select the deceased button. Or, you can email to let us know.