Reunited in Maryland

After a month of wandering, Chica the Chihuahua has been reunited with her family!

One afternoon, Chica ventured away from her family in York, Pennsylvania and traveled more than 100 miles to Chesapeake City, Maryland! After a concerned citizen noticed a small distraught dog walking in circles, animal control was called to pick her up. Little did they know this 15-year-old pooch was partially blind and had been traveling for more than 30 days! And after a quick scan, Chica’s microchip confirmed that her parents were eagerly awaiting her return.

Chica’s owners, Scott and Yamily, were relieved to hear Chica had been located and that she was unharmed especially with her current health status! “Thank God for microchips and concerned citizens” said Scott, because without them and AKC Reunite, Chica may have never been reunited with her loved ones.

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