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Answers to the most common questions regarding AKC Reunite’s Free Microchip program.

What is a Non-AKC Reunite Microchip? 2019-02-20T14:37:12+00:00

Any microchip not sold by AKC Reunite.

What is Enrollment Rewards? 2019-02-20T14:36:28+00:00

Enrollment Rewards is a points program that thanks you for enrolling eligible microchips with AKC Reunite.  Enrollment Rewards points are redeemable for select AKC Reunite microchipping products or free ground shipping on your next order.

You earn Enrollment Rewards for:

  1. An AKC Reunite microchip that you purchase and enroll with the standard enrollment fee paid = 1 point.  Note, microchips with prepaid enrollments do not earn points.
  2. Non-AKC Reunite microchip enrolled with your PIN Code and the standard enrollment fee paid =1 point
  3. Every new friend or colleague you refer that purchases AKC Reunite microchipping products according to Program Terms = 5 points
How do I sign up for Enrollment Rewards? 2019-02-20T14:37:24+00:00

There are two ways

  1. By signing up for a PIN Code.  Go to the HUB or you can contact a Sales Consultant by email or by calling 800-252-7894.  Our Microchip Sales Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5 pm Eastern time.
  1. For any AKC Reunite microchip that you have purchased directly from AKC Reunite and the standard enrollment fee is paid, you are automatically signed up for Enrollment Rewards.
How do I earn Enrollment Rewards points for referrals? 2019-02-20T14:37:30+00:00

It is simple! When you provide a potential client’s contact information to AKC Reunite via our referral form or any new client provides your name and phone number prior to placing their first qualifying order, you will earn five points within 60 days after product sale. Referral must be noted prior to qualifying client sale. Purchase must be made within 180 days of referral. Qualifying sale is $45 or greater of microchipping products, before shipping and applicable sales taxes. Five points are awarded per new client. Points are redeemable for select microchipping products and are not redeemable for cash. Product returns do not earn referral points.

What do I earn with my Enrollment Rewards points? 2020-04-09T20:40:29+00:00

Enrollment Rewards Points are redeemable for select AKC Reunite microchipping products, order discounts or free ground shipping on a microchipping product order.

Use Your Points For
Free Ground Shipping (Continental US Only)+
$20-off microchip product order of $20 or higher+
5-count Box of Microchip
25-count Box of Microchips for $50
25-count Box of Microchips
QuickScan 650 Microchip Scanner
ProScan 700 Microchip Scanner for $150
WandScan 900 Microchip Scanner for $200
ProScan 700 Microchip Scanner
WandScan 900 Microchip Scanner

*Shipping charges apply. You can also upgrade microchips to include prepaid enrollments for a nominal charge. Enrollment Rewards points have no cash value. Microchips with Prepaid Enrollments not eligible for Enrollment Rewards points. Pricing and programs subject to change and can be discontinued at any time without notice

+Call 800-252-7894 to redeem

Do microchips with prepaid enrollments earn points? 2019-02-20T14:37:45+00:00

No.  Microchips sold with prepaid enrollments are the best overall value and most convenient for the pet owner since no additional fees are charged when their pet’s microchip is enrolled in our pet recovery service.  Because AKC Reunite microchips with prepaid enrollment are sold at such an incredible value they do not qualify for Enrollment Rewards points.

Do transfers earn points in Enrollment Rewards? 2019-02-20T14:37:56+00:00

No. Only initial enrollments earn point in Enrollment Rewards.


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