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Answers to the most common questions regarding AKC Reunite’s Online Records System.

Why do I need an Online Records Account? 2019-02-20T13:36:24+00:00

An Online Records Account allows you to update your pet’s record and upload a picture of your pet.

Why don’t you recognize my email address? 2019-02-20T13:36:35+00:00

You may not have yet password protected your email address with us. You first need to set up and secure your online account. Once logged into your online records account, you will add your pet’s record by providing their Microchip ID and Enrollment Key found on your Enrollment Confirmation. Then you will be all set to manage your records at any time online.

Why isn’t my pet’s record in my account? 2019-02-20T13:37:15+00:00

Please fill in form below and we will confirm your pet’s addition to your account shortly.

I cannot find my Enrollment Key 2019-02-20T13:37:36+00:00

Your pet’s Enrollment Key should be printed on your pet’s enrollment confirmation.  If you do not have your pet’s Enrollment Key, you can call 800-252-7894.

How do I change my password? 2019-02-20T13:37:47+00:00

To change your password in your online account, click the “Update Account” button on the left or using the top menu “Account…Update” then type in a new password, confirm the password, and then click the Update Account button to save the changes.

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Please let us know what you would like to update inside your Online Records System account. We will get back to you within 24 hours. For immediate assistance, please call our toll-free number at 800-252-7894.