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My Pet Records

My Pet Records – Online Record Management

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Get secure, online access to your pet’s record!  After setting up your pet parent profile, you can add your pet’s information to your Pet Central account.  Here you can also add up to ten emergency contacts, your pet’s medical information and your pet’s picture.  You can also order additional collar tags, reflective dog collars and additional pet services to your pet’s AKC Reunite Enrollment and check and update your records.

Update My Records

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If you do not already have a profile, you can set it up by clicking below.

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Transfer a pet’s ownership record

Transfers are ONLY for changes to the Primary Contact on your pet’s AKC Reunite enrollment record. To start the transfer process, a completed form is required with release from the prior Primary Contact.  There is a $19.95 charge for a Pet Transfer.

Any other changes to your pet’s record, such as phone number, address, alternate and emergency contacts are considered Record Updates, which are included with your pet’s lifetime enrollment with AKC Reunite. If you simply want to update you records, click here.

To submit a transfer request, please click below and print the Transfer Form and return it to AKC Reunite with payment.

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