Stitch is AKC Reunited

Itching for exploration, Stitch decided to go sight-seeing outside her fenced in yard. For days Stitch had been digging a hole, but her owner Carla had no idea just how big of a hole Stitch had dug until she had already escaped! Stitch was on the loose several streets away from Carla’s neighborhood when she decided to take a run alongside a lady and join her morning cardio workout! The sweet stranger reported Stitch to the local humane society and in less than an hour, Carla had received a text message, answered a phone call, and brought Stitch home. We’re happy to report that Stitch has been reunited with her family and the hole has been filled!


Ghost, the Disappearing Cat

Ghost, a four-year-old cat, took his name a little too seriously and disappeared into the night. Six weeks later, he was reunited with his owner.

Welcome Home, Boo Boo!

It was midnight in downtown Los Angeles and Boo Boo, the six-pound Toy Poodle had slipped through a cracked car door and disappeared into the night.

Nino’s Homecoming

You never know what your pet can do when you're not looking! That's why AKC Reunite is available 24/7/365 for when your pet disappears.

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