6 Common Thanksgiving Dangers for Cats

Thanksgiving typically kicks off the holiday season.  Chances are you’ll have many friends and family around – and even more food!  Be considerate of your cat (most of us consider them family) during the holiday to ensure he or she stays happy and safe.

1. Keep floral arrangements away from pets. Many plants and flowers can be poisonous to cats.

2. Turkey is the traditional meal served at Thanksgiving – and a favorite for cats. If you choose to give your cats a taste, be sure that the turkey is cooked thoroughly.  Don’t overfeed your cat either. Consider buying a turkey cat food instead if you want to celebrate the holiday with your pet.

3. Be mindful of traditional herbs and seasonings, like sage, that are present in Thanksgiving meals that are harmful to pets. If eaten in large quantities, the essential oils in herbs can cause gastrointestinal distress as well as central nervous system depression and a trip to the emergency vet.

4. While baking, keep cats away from all batter, particularly those containing eggs. Uncooked eggs may contain salmonella and could cause your cat to get food poisoning.

5. Don’t allow cats to eat uncooked (raw) or undercooked bread dough. The heat of their stomachs will make the dough rise and cause severe stomach upset which could become life threatening.

6. And remember, regardless of your feelings about Thanksgiving and eating the traditional turkey meal, your cat is a carnivore. Never try to force vegan or vegetarian beliefs on your cat. Cats will become seriously ill and die from eating a vegetarian diet.


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