Trick Training: Teaching Your Dog Tricks

Brought to you by the AKC GoodDog! Helpline – the AKC’s 7-day-a-week training support service
By Hilarie Erb, AKC GoodDog! Helpline Trainer

Don’t let anybody tell you that teaching your dog tricks is a waste of time. Time spent building a special bond with your dog is never wasted. Being basically obedient – knowing sit, down, come, and stay – is certainly important but let’s be honest, kind of boring after a while for both you and your dog. Keep reading if you need reasons to add tricks to your dog’s syllabus:

  • Tricks are an easy way to add variety to your dog’s training routine; teaching them keeps him wanting to learn and gives you more ways to reward behaviors you like.
  • Even if you are not competitive, teaching your dog tricks gives you ways to show him off. It’s something to do rather than jump on visitors and can provide mental stimulation and an outlet for energy on a rainy day.
  • Is your dog a handful sometimes? Trainers often tell owners that you need to tell your dog what TO do, not just to stop doing whatever it is he’s doing that you don’t like. When you need to distract your dog, ask him for a trick.
  • A repertoire of tricks makes for a popular Therapy Dog!
  • Dogs like to have fun. They get excited when they can make people laugh and smile, and performing clever tricks is a good way to do that.
  • Are you trying to get the kids interested in training the dog? Tricks are a great place to start. They might get your child hooked on training!
  • Need something for your older dog to do? If she isn’t quite as athletic as she once was, learning new tricks can help keep her sharp.

Learn about the AKC Trick Dog program at Here you will find tips and videos to get you started, and when your dog is ready to show off what he has learned, he can earn titles! And for even more fun tricks to show off, click here.

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