Save up to $100 on 25 count box of microchips vs. HomeAgain®


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Special Offer for AKC Veterinary Network Members on Microchip Products!

AKC Reunite is the nation’s largest not for profit pet microchipping and recovery service provider. Our mission is to make pet microchipping affordable, accessible and simple. As an AKC Veterinary Network participant, you can save up to $100 on a 25-count box of microchips with prepaid enrollments compared to what you are paying today with HomeAgain!

Through October 21, 2015, use coupon code VetNet8 and 25-count box of microchips with prepaid enrollments are only $13.96 per enrolled microchip, that’s only $349 vs $449.75 you will pay with Home Again. Order online with Coupon Code VetNet8 or call 800-252-7894. Sales office hours are Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 5pm, EST.

Auto microchip enrollment is also available from many practice software programs, like AVImark. Call 800-252-7894 or email to learn more.

AKC Reunite offers you 134.2 kHz (ISO/International) microchips. ISO microchips are recommended by AVMA, AAHA and USDA. All enrolled microchips receive an anniversary email to confirm the pet’s records are up to date – and we do not charge annual registration fees. Check out all of our ISO microchip products available!

Shipping charges apply. Offer expires October 22, 2015. Offer exclusive to AKC Veterinary Network participants.

Save Time and Money
with NEW Auto Registration

Microchip registration only takes a few moments, but makes a big difference when a pet is lost and every second counts. We offer your clients a trusted pet recovery service that is staffed 24/7 and charges no annual fees!

To make registration easy for you, you can now send us pet registration information directly from your practice management software program, such as AVImark, DVM Manager and more!

Save Time and Money with AKC Reunite

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Just fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you as quickly as possible to start planning the best program for your practice. You will then be on your way to saving time and money with our microchip products and NEW auto registration service!

Pet Notification System

Your Clients Benefit from our Comprehensive Found Pet Notification System

Once your clients are registered, they will benefit from our Comprehensive Found Pet Notification System that immediately includes a phone call, text message and email to the primary and alternate contacts on the pet’s record to alert them their pet has been found.

Additionally, our pet recovery service is staffed 24/7 with sophisticated mapping tools to help pinpoint the precise location of their found pet.

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Pet Microchip Lookup

Of course, we hope you make AKC Reunite as your pet microchipping and recovery service provider of choice. However, as more companies start selling microchips with no recovery service or limited online recovery service support, AKC Reunite urges the pet care community to use petmicrochiplookup.org when trying to reunite a lost pet with its owner.

This comprehensive lookup tool, brought to you by AAHA, will let you know the best number to call when you find a pet with a microchip. Go to petmicrochiplookup.org to help more lost pets find their way back home – and save petmicrochiplookup.org to your FAVORITES today!

Pet Microchip Lookup
Rolling Out Help with AKC Pet Disaster Relief

AKC Pet Disaster Relief

Ask me about AKC Pet Disaster Relief. We are rolling out help, donating fully stocked pet disaster relief trailers to local Emergency Management teams across the country across the country to help in case the unthinkable happens.

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